A New Digital Landscape
Design and build a new digital landscape and IT infrastructure for the Alimentarium
Alimentarium needed to change its digital landscape and IT Infrastructure to gain autonomy. The objective was to become more agile and be able to develop projects on-the-go. We needed to create a frame for this to be possible.
Photograph: Lee Scott / Unsplash
The project began with designing the strategy allowing the institution to have a complete and autonomous IT Infrastructure and digital tools that were easy-to-use. It followed with managing the project until its delivery in March 2022.

The project included:
- Merging three websites into one
- Moving it into a new hosting environment
- Designing a new website
- Implementing a CRM
- Making sure it respects Nestle security requirements (Alimentarium is the Nestle Foundation)

We created a seamless experience for the visitor/user with new features, an event space and a space for the community to grow. Plus, the current website offers the museum and its staff more flexibility and reactivity.
Photograph: Lee Scott / Unsplash
« From the start, Maxime showed dedication to the mission and commitment to the journey ahead. Maxime worked with us through a difficult time during which we had to manage the closure of the museum due to the Covid-19 crisis. He took great part in managing the situation, with reactivity and positivism. Thanks to him, our strategy now suits our need and our digital content is more spontaneous. More people within our team take now part in creating it. Maxime has always been a great support and full of ideas. It has been a pleasure to work with him »
Ursula Zeller, Director, Alimentarium.
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