A Global Online Presence for a Unique Museum
Building the Google Art & Culture offer of The Fan Museum was an inspiring project.
We Wear Culture is a global fashion project by Google. The digital company made available online – for free – fashion-related collections from museums, schools, archives and fashion institutions around the world. We Wear Culture 'brings you the stories behind your clothes'.
I managed the project for The Fan Museum. My role consisted in selecting items and images to upload on the platform, to write their captions and create four digital exhibitions using them, called 'stories':
– SEDUCED: Fans and the Art of Advertising
– The Golden Age: Eighteenth Century Fans
– Fans: Flamboyant Beginnings
– Luxury and Excess: Mid-to-Late Nineteenth Century Fans

Plus, I was the bridge between the museum and the Google Art and Culture team.

When: Sept – Dec 2016
Project Management
Curatorial Development

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