Creating an Edutainment Center
Wonderdal is a world where physical and digital meet and create a innovative learning experience
I worked for 14 months (2017-2018) as a project manager and creative assistant at Formula-D Interactive in Cape Town, South Africa. Formula D Interactive's mission is to bring knowledge to life and make learning accessible to all using interactive technologies, specialised knowledge of game design and human-centred experiences, and innovative product design solutions for museums, visitor attractions, heritage sites and corporate spaces
As part of this experience, I had the opportunity to work on Wonderdal, an Educative Edutainment Centre for kids aged 5-13, within the Hazendal Wine Estate. I was one of the project managers on the team, in charge of time and budget management. I also had some administrative tasks.

« Wonderdal Edutainment Centre is the first of its kind in South Africa. As the name implies, it is a place full of wonders for children age 5-13 years old. Wonderdal combines advanced technological elements with creatively designed spaces to teach children's topics from their school curriculum such as energy, nutrition and life skills. The interactive experiences stimulate childrens imagination, creativity and curiosity, and encourage them to explore, learn and experiment in a playful way. Wonderdal offers approximately 1 000 m² of indoor and outdoor areas, which makes it an ideal space for an exciting outing all year round. »

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