Maxime Laprade
Digital and AV Consultant for the Cultural Sector
Maxime Laprade is a Digital and AV Consultant working in the cultural sector.
After an art history masters in Paris and the MA Fashion Curation at London College of Fashion, Maxime started working as an independent curator in London.
He then joined the team at Formula D in Cape Town, South Africa, working as a project manager on digital and AV projects for cultural institutions around the world. That is when he decided to pursue this career.

Based in Paris, Maxime has now been working as a consultant for more than 7 years. Throughout the years, he worked on projects with the Alimentarium in Switzerland, with Tactile Studio and the Oman Across Ages Museums in Oman, with The Fan Museum and Diesel in London, and more.
In 2022, Maxime created Candi Agency, which of he is now the director.

Maxime also collaborates regularly with We Are Museums and is a co-founder of We Are Museums Lab.
He also gives workshops and talks on project management and digital and AV production.
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